orthodontic tooth exposure

Orthodontic Tooth Exposure

An impacted tooth is blocked or “stuck” underneath the gum line, and will not erupt into its correct position on its own. Most often, an impacted tooth will be a third molar, or wisdom tooth, which will either be left alone or extracted. However, other teeth can also be impacted and surgical tooth exposure could be required.

If it is determined that your son or daughter has an impacted tooth, a simple surgical procedure is recommended to assist its eruption. We will surgically expose the tooth by cutting a small flap in the surrounding gum. After the tooth is exposed, we will either leave the tooth to emerge on its own or attach an orthodontic bracket to help guide its descent.

With early detection and combined surgical and orthodontic treatment, impacted teeth can be allowed to appear and/or be guided to the most ideal position in your child’s mouth.

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