bone regeneration

Bone Regeneration

If you are experiencing gum disease and Dr. Crum has noticed a loss of bone supporting the teeth as well, bone regeneration may be a good option to restore periodontal health. Bone regeneration is a periodontal surgical procedure that regenerates jaw bone and tissue in order to correct the damage caused by periodontal disease.  Not all bone lost with periodontal disease can be restored with bone regeneration, but there may be isolated defects around individual teeth where this treatment can provide additional support to the tooth and improve health, function, and appearance of the area.

Bone regeneration can also benefit patients with missing teeth.  Dental implants require a significant amount of jawbone prior to the procedure in order to be successful. Bone regeneration can help patients who suffer from a lack of bone become candidates for a dental implant procedure.

The Bone Regeneration Procedure

During this procedure, Dr. Crum will fold back the gum tissue and remove the disease-causing bacteria.  A biocompatible membrane is placed between the gum and bone, which acts as a barrier. This barrier prevents downgrowth of the gum tissue into the underlying bone as it heals. In most cases, a bone graft or tissue-stimulating proteins will be placed under the membrane to encourage your body's natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue. Membranes around teeth are typically designed to dissolve away or reabsorb after a few months. There are many options to enhance support for your teeth and to restore your bone to a healthy level. Schedule an appointment with our office to find out all the options available to help you regain your periodontal health.

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